Do You Need A Church Safety Plan?

Christian Coalition for Safe Families

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From Fox 10 Phoenix

The debate over the need for church security was reignited on December 29th in White Settlement, Texas when two men were murdered during a live-streamed service. Within six seconds, a drifter wearing a disguise pulled a sawed-off shotgun out from his coat, killed church members Tony Wallace and Richard White, then was fatally shot by security team member Jack Wilson. The killer had previously visited the church several times for food and was upset that the church would not give him money. He had a checkered past that included assault, arson, domestic violence, surveilling a refinery, drug abuse, and mental illness. He committed these murders on his brother’s birthday; his brother, who had been homeless with him for a time, had killed himself years before.

Is your church prepared for the unthinkable? Unfortunately, crime on church property is common. Vandalism, theft, car prowls, embezzlement, assault, and…

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