Those Little Things…

Rubberbands 7-16

At work.

Had recently bought a basket from the dollar store for our rubber bands.

Noticed an unopened package of colorful rubber bands. Mixed them into the bland-colored ones.

Somehow it’s mesmerizing.

Happy Treason Day 7-16

At a Fourth of July parade.

A brigade of Minis drives by.

One had these hilarious signs on his car.

No, it’s not about Brexit. It’s about us fierce rebel Americans deciding we were better off without colonial overlords.

Oh yeah.

Dinosaurs 6-16

Concluding a meeting at a historic house.

There’s a front garden. I wander towards the sound of splashing water.

There are dinosaurs in the fountain.

Shouldn’t all fountains have dinosaurs?

Thank you God for the little things that make life so interesting.

Those little things that bring laughter at unexpected moments.


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2 thoughts on “Those Little Things…

  1. I love the little bits of random in the world. And like to contribute.

    I like to tie bells to the branches in trees. It’s really windy here.

    And I carry wire chickens from Easter in my pocket to show crying children. Nothing stops a baby from crying faster than stranger saying “little chicken!”

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    1. That is amazing. These small kindnesses and little chunks of beauty really can make all the difference. Sometimes I imitate crying children’s expressions and it stops them in their tracks. But carrying interesting things to show them… that’s an idea that might just go viral now!

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