Waxing Wednesday

Moon 8-26-15

Tonight I was taking pictures of the gorgeous rising moon glowing through an ethereal midnight blue canopy. I was trying out a different camera and was very pleased that I could simply zoom in on the moon and see such detail. What an improvement!

This weekend we have a supermoon, technically lunar perigee when the moon is closest to the earth. There are some wonderful details at Space.com. The Seattle Japanese Garden is hosting its enchanting annual Moon Viewing Festival (Otsukimi) Saturday night.

There is such a gravity to the moon’s presence nowadays, as if it’s signaling an unprecedented shift in the human condition. This reminds me not to trust the created, but the Creator, as He, transcending time and space, is our only unchanging hope.

I found the negative image soothing as well, like the first view of a new planet through a sea of light after a long journey…

Moon 8-26-15 2


When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. –Mahatma Gandhi


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