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*Please note: Fruitful Farm does not open until May 9th, 2014 at 9:30 A.M.

The Restaurant at Rhodes River Ranch is open.  


Oso businesses suffer as customers stop coming around

KOMO just published this great article on how the mudslide is affecting businesses in the Oso area. In a sick twist of irony, a business that has been instrumental in mudslide recovery and relief since the beginning is now losing most of their customers.

Fruitful Farm, which you’ve seen mentioned in previous posts, offers fresh organic fruits, vegetables, honey, flowers, eggs, and more according to their website. They have a “nursery of hanging flower baskets, annuals, perennials, rare ornamental shrubs, trees and dwarf evergreen conifers” as well.

Joel Moreno’s KOMO article says, “For the past several months Aaron Hall and his family have been tending hundreds of plants in their greenhouse to sell at their roadside stand. The trouble is that ever since a landslide smothered Highway 530 last month, the Fruitful Farm & Nursery has dried up.”

Oso Fruitful Farm 1

These people have given a lot to their community and now we can help them. So take a little extra time and check out their place and the beautiful area they live in. You’ll get more personality and character than Home Depot, fewer chemicals, and more flavor than the grocery store.Plus it’s therapeutic to spend time in the country among lush plants and friendly animals.

Fruitful Farm has a Facebook page and a great website. They are located at 21308 SR 530 NE, several miles WEST of the slide. You can drive straight there eastbound on Highway 530 from Arlington and do not have to drive around. Arlington’s a fun town for a day trip anyway. 

Let’s not allow a family and farm who’s been providing assistance to and raising funds for their neighbors since the mudslide happened lose their business. We all buy flowers and plants this time of year. Shop Fruitful Farm!

Oso Fruitful Farm 2


It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little—do what you can. –Sydney Smith


Someone posted this video of Sarah and Aaron Hall, part of the family that runs Fruitful Farm, on KOMO (the Herald gets original credit).The Herald says they will be playing with the Skagit Symphony at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon, Saturday, April 26th, 2014. The program includes Mozart’s Impresario Overture,Brahms’ Double Concerto (that’s hardcore Rostropovich-level stuff, people) and Haydn’s Symphony No. 54. This is spectacular talent. Rock on!


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