Letter from Karaj Prison

Freedom in Iran

Iran: Letter from Karaj Prison.

Out of support for a fellow blogger and believer in freedom of speech, I’m reposting this powerful letter featured on the Gatestone Institute’s site. There are Americans imprisoned in Iran under similar conditions. 

As one of the victims of the totalitarian Islamic regime ruling Iran, I was sentenced to 4 years in prison as a result of voicing my criticism and concerns at the injustice and the violation of human rights and freedom in my country. All these years, I have been kept in appalling inhumane conditions in the Islamic regime’s prisons. Right now, I’m writing this in a 21-square meter cell in which I’m being kept with 40 other inmates most of whom are murderers, rapists, child molesters, smugglers, robbers and psychotic patients. With all the violence going on in the cell I’ve been feeling like I’m on death row myself. All this is happening despite my suffering from cardiac disease, diabetes and kidney stone for which I have been hospitalized, though under very poor hospital conditions, several times.

When the intelligence agents of the Islamic regime first broke into my apartment, they beat me nearly to death and took me for interrogations. I was put in a solitary confinement, completely cut off from the outside world without even enjoying basic prisoner’s rights. I was constantly threatened with death. I was once taken into a room where I was put in a chair and led to believe I was going to be hanged with a blindfold on. All these sufferings only because I tried to share articles 17 and 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with my fellow citizens; all this because I tried to make my fellow citizens aware of the rights reserved for them by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. My fate as a blogger and a prisoner of conscience is only one example of the thousands of the victims of human rights violations in Iran.

The people of Iran are now ensnared in the hands of a religious, medieval and extremely backward regime that has no respect for the values the civilized world has been seeking out for the past four centuries. This regime has already assembled a huge army and founded a terrorist army unit armed to the teeth called The Revolutionary Guard Corps in order to violently repress Iranian civil rights and to fight against freedom and democracy in Iran and worldwide.

The totalitarian regime of the Islamic republic harshly represses its citizens so not even one single individual — or the media — can freely express his opinion on the conditions of the country and its people.

The Islamic regime ruling Iran established the Islamic Penal Code, a body of disgraceful unjust laws including punishments such as execution, stoning, limb amputation, eye gouging, burning and whipping — every single one of which is clearly a sign of barbarity and a blatant violation of human rights.

The Islamic regime is following a systematic plan for repressing basic human rights such as curtailment of freedom of speech, internet filtering and censorship, satellite broadcast censorship, lack of the right of assembly, prohibiting family parties, compulsory veiling for women, sex segregation, and curtailment of sexual freedom, in order to exert social and psychological control on the public.

They have been spending huge amounts on religious propaganda to help promote superstition and ignorance in society. Add to this the inhumane public executions of convicts and the resulting intimidation of the public, and the growing sense of public indifference among people.

Thus, one must bear in mind the fact that the Islamic regime’s fight against the civilized world and their achievements in freedom and democracy is an innate property of and an axiom in Islamic ideology. Prior failed experiences of civil and political dialogues with the Islamic regime are proof enough of that and also of the fact that efforts by international organizations to urge the Islamic regime to respect the basic human rights of the Iranian people have proved largely ineffective and that it is high time we sought alternative approaches.

In sum, any improvement in the closed and repressed society of Iran today entails a structural as well as political transformation of the present system. Hence, it is necessary to avoid disorganized and misguided efforts by international human rights organizations and communities, and to organize all those communities into a coherent integrated whole as “Iran’s friends” whose cause involves human rights and global security in order to help the Iranian people achieve their fundamental civil rights as well as the right of self-determination.

Thank you

Mohamad Reza Pour Shajari (Siamak Mehr)
March 10, 2014
Karaj Prison, Iran

Source: Iran Press News Media Agency

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