Passover 2020

During a Passover Seder, four questions are asked: On all other nights, we eat chametz (leavened foods) and matzah. Why on this night, only matzah? On all other nights, we eat all vegetables. Why, on this night, maror (bitter herbs)? On all other nights, we don’t dip even once. Why on this night do we dip twice? On all […]

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Mes Amis

In a circle of true Friends each man is simply what he is: stands for nothing but himself. No one cares twopence about any one else’s family, profession, class, income, race, or previous history… That is the kingliness of Friendship. We meet like sovereign princes of independent states, abroad, on neutral ground, freed from our […]

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Deserving Love

We often feel that we get what we deserve. The basic law, “the wages of sin is death” is operating. We think that if we are not loved, it must be because we did not earn it. The truth is, we can’t earn love. It is just something that someone decides to feel toward us. […]

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Saeed’s Christmas Letter

Many of you are familiar with the story of Saeed Abedini, an American pastor imprisoned in Iran. The ACLJ has just published a Christmas letter he wrote, and I am riveted by this man’s faith and hope in the midst of the extreme physical hell and torture he’s enduring. As the letter says, this is […]

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Letter from Karaj Prison

Iran: Letter from Karaj Prison. Out of support for a fellow blogger and believer in freedom of speech, I’m reposting this powerful letter featured on the Gatestone Institute’s site. There are Americans imprisoned in Iran under similar conditions. 

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The Day We Fight Back

TODAY, FEBRUARY 11TH, 2014 IS THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK AGAINST MASS SURVEILLANCE Click on the image above to learn more. ************************************************************************************* Free people, remember this maxim: we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost. -Jean Jacques Rousseau ************************************************************************************* (Update, 2/11/14: I just posted this comment on another site in response […]

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Suffering Church Sunday

November 4th, 2012 is Suffering Church Sunday. This is an event promoted by the organization Barnabas Aid to raise awareness about the plight of Christians around the world. Christians are being murdered, raped, tortured, robbed, imprisoned, burned to death, and driven from their homes and even their countries right now. In Western countries we enjoy […]

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Constitution 101

Hillsdale College is offering an online course to teach people about the Constitution: Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the U.S. Constitution – Hillsdale College. Here is information from their website. Please note that the class started this week, but the lectures are archived, so you can catch up. This is a fantastic opportunity […]

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Memorial Day 2010

Whether we agree with our country’s wars or not, we can still all show our appreciation for the sacrifices of men and women who have given up so much—even their lives—so that the rest of us can be free. We Americans are able to speak openly, associate freely, and express our individual opinions because of […]

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