Happy World Toilet Day!

World Toilet Day

Thank you to intrepid WordPress blogger T.V. Raj for reminding me that November 19th is World Toilet Day.

This is not a joke nor is it meant to be crude. Sanitation is a monumental issue for billions of people. See CNN’s piece on World Toilet Day and World Toilet Day.org for more information.

From CNN:

Some sobering facts about the world’s lack of toilets, according to the United Nations: 

  • 2.5 billion people — one in three people in the world — do not have a toilet or access to sustainable sanitation
  • Diarrheal diseases are the second most common cause of death in young children in developing countries
  • They kill more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined
  • In many countries girls stay home during menstruation days because of the absence of a safe place to change and clean themselves, and many drop out altogether

I’ve posted a blurb about this in years past, and more recently wrote about what NOT to put down the toilet (wet wipes!!).

For a lighthearted look at the topic of loos, see De-Throned. But know that we Americans often take our sewer systems for granted and are destroying them by putting lots of things down toilets that don’t belong (wipes, paper towels, condoms, tampons, etc.) and creating costly blockages with Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) and food matter. It is ironic that out of laziness and ignorance we are ruining our magnificent infrastructure here while much of the human race has no such luxuries. 

While the below sentiment is missing a ~ over the n and an exclamation mark, you get the picture–

Viva El Bano


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