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From http://4international.me/
From http://4international.me/

Today I was sickened to hear on the radio that Egyptians are blaming the U.S. for the violence and death in their country.

Citizens of Egypt, hear me loud and clear: please do not confuse average Americans with the guy in the White House.

I, for one, have always been against the United States giving most foreign aid and this point illustrates a great reason to support that stance: American dollars are going straight to people who are against everything we stand for.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not a moderate, pro-democracy organization and many of the Egyptian people know that. The Brotherhood and their ilk have committed horrible acts of violence against Christians (among other minorities) and want to impose their way of life on everyone, not just those who tolerate them. There are supporters of the MB who condemn many acts attributed to them, but their leadership is rotten to the core.

What they feed the Western world  is smoke and mirrors; their credo is allegedly  “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.” They believe Jerusalem should belong solely to them and would be much happier if Jews were wiped from the face of the earth. For those familiar with when the Nazis tried to annihilate the Jewish people, you know that this is called genocide.

If you are a woman, gay, Christian, Buddhist, atheist, a believer in liberty, a free spirit, an animal, and/or any number of other things that are different from them, don’t expect to be respected under their Sharia law. There is nothing tolerant, democratic, or fair about this belief system. There is no room for differing persuasions or parties. Rape and murder are often justified by this rigid and dark philosophy. It is a headlong, murderous rush back into the Dark Ages.

When I first heard that Mubarak was being ousted for the sake of “democracy,” I could see this coming. You can’t put intolerant people in charge of democracy and expect that country to remain free. We were being sold snake oil. Anywhere that this or related organizations are put in charge of “democracy,” “democracy” or the supposed “will of the people” is going to be used as a smokescreen to put a different ideology altogether into power.

I don’t condone the violence in Egypt but I do understand why millions of Egyptians are so upset about the Morsi government. 1.5 billion American dollars are said to have been sent to support the Morsi regime, so it’s clear why Egyptians are angry with America as well. Americans have no business supporting the Muslim Brotherhood or arming its forces; the Obama administration has also sent money to Syria, inflaming tensions and costing lives there. Similarly, we should not be supporting anyone in Libya, especially in light of the attack on our embassy.

Christians in particular are suffering horribly for these decisions, being driven out of their homes and raped, tortured, murdered, and are starving. You can read more about the plight of Christians in Egypt, Syria, and other partially Muslim countries here: http://barnabasfund.org/US/News-analysis/. The top headline on that page right now is


This is a list of some of the Christian institutions and churches that have been attacked: http://nilerevolt.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/1198/.

I refuse to believe that most Americans support Obama’s decisions in these matters. His foreign policy benefits enemies of America and their way of life rather than acting in the best interests of our country. Frankly– and you’ve heard me say it before– his foreign policy is a mess, but like Harry Truman said, if you can’t convince them, confuse them. That mess sure is convenient when you’re sending money in the name of freedom that’s actually enabling war.

Another tragedy in Egypt– besides the terrible violence against minorities and those who don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood in charge– is what has happened to its antiquities. I’ve been disgusted by the looting and destruction of significant historical sites and museums. Egypt has a rich and entrancing history that many of us Western Christians are interested in because so much of it is linked to our Bible. Again, don’t expect the Muslim Brotherhood to bother preserving the thousands of years of Egypt’s past with any sincerity.

So Egyptians, know that there are millions of us Americans who think that what our president is doing is a mistake. I don’t believe this sentiment is limited to any one faith or political party among us. I’m sure that freedom-loving American Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Democrats, Republicans, and all sorts of Americans would agree that our true interest is freedom and rights for all of you, not power and control for some of you.

To our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt– know that the church in America is praying for you and hoping that the one true God– a God whose only Son died to bring freedom rather than bondage– be glorified even amidst the chaos. As Ravi Zacharias said, “Abraham was offering Isaac, but at the last minute when he was about to bring the knife down, God said,  ‘Stop– I Myself will provide’. Two thousand years ago God Himself did provide in His Son and as long as we reject His Son we will be sacrificing our own sons and daughters at some altar of hatred or some altar of violence.”


You can see where our money goes on the Foreign Assistance website: http://foreignassistance.gov/Default.aspx. Hover over the various Middle Eastern countries on this map, http://foreignassistance.gov/RGAIntro.aspx, and you will be floored by how much money has been requested for these nations in 2014. And yet our national debt, as of this second, is $16,740,889,567,528.12 (see http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/).


Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of rich countries and giving it to the rich people of poor countries. –Ron Paul


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