72 Times– How Many More?

Natalyia Vabishchevich. From http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Friend-Bellevue-murder-victim-knew-ex-was-capable-of-murder-212869201.html.
Natalyia Vabishchevich. From http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Friend-Bellevue-murder-victim-knew-ex-was-capable-of-murder-212869201.html.

Yet another murder in the Seattle area has been found to have been domestic violence-related. KOMO is reporting that:

Prosecutors say Aleksandr Polak stabbed 35-year-old Natalyia Vabishchevich 72 times, then tried to flee to Mexico. Polak was arrested Friday in Los Angeles and is being held there without bail, pending extradition back to Bellevue. 


(Update: Q13 has a more detailed version, http://q13fox.com/2013/06/21/ex-husband-arrested-in-la-charged-in-bellevue-homicide/#axzz2WpBNf19B. KING 5’s story, http://www.king5.com/news/crime/Arrest-made-in-death-of-Bellevue-woman-212496351.html, says, “…Polak had several cuts and scratches on his hand and a scratch on his neck when he was questioned by police this week. He said he had hurt himself cutting an avocado.” Kind of sounds like Alan Smith blaming the cut on his hand on his three-year old son, who supposedly hit him with a hatchet while cutting firewood, doesn’t it?)

The short version is that the arrestee is her ex-husband, it was an abusive relationship, the victim had been afraid of him taking her life, he had bragged that he’d killed people before, and he appears to be a violent person with a questionable past. A 14 year-old son has now lost his mother.

I hope that this victim documented her fears and all related incidents to help convict her killer and ensure that her son is well cared for. This is yet another case in which an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit could play a major role in helping achieve justice: http://documenttheabuse.com/.

Please visit the Document the Abuse website to learn more about how to create an EAA. Here is an explanation of it from the website:

The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (E.A.A.) is the mastermind process of violence expert Susan Murphy Milano that combines video taping of the victims actual words attesting to the abuse coupled with creative witnessed and notarized legal documents that successfully satisfy legal hurdles often faced in these intimate partner violence and stalking cases.

A unique packaging of testimony + documentation + perpetrator historical profiling + pre-collected evidence delivered to established safe and legal persons = a delicate issue brilliantly wrapped up for successful prosecution.

EVERYONE should know about this website and pass it on to those in our lives who are affected by domestic violence. Victims should take these steps to protect themselves and ensure that their abusers do not get away with anything. If necessary, it can provide a voice from beyond the grave that presents the damning evidence needed to land a murderer in prison for life or on death row.

Early on in my own experience I decided that there was no possible way anyone abusing me was going to get away with anything. Later I set up my will and associated legal documents so that if anything happened to me or my family, information on the usual suspects would be released to key figures in government and the media. In other words, if they came for me, they’d assuredly be hanging themselves and their associates.

The EAA is a more effective and organized way of doing this and I’d encourage everyone who’s stopping by to read about the Susann Smith case and others to spread the word. It’s very simple to share a website address and we need to start seeing these turn the tide in assault and murder cases. It’s time to show these bullies and terrorists that we are smarter, stronger, and better prepared. Their lies will not stand, their deception will be dismantled piece by piece, and the world will know who they really are.

Prayers are with the family of Natalyia Vabishchevich– if you haven’t already, imagine the fear and terror she lived in. Visualize how alone she must have felt as her enraged ex, who in classic abuser fashion blamed her for ruining his life rather than moving on, plunged a sharp object into her six dozen times. He saw her as his property and was going to maintain control over her even if it meant throwing his own life away to take hers.

This scenario plays out over and over again in our “civilized” country– and every single one of us needs to take at least one small step to stop it.

Share the site! http://documenttheabuse.com/


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