Today’s Other Holiday

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Yes, for real! While many people think of squirrels as pests, they can be some of the best free entertainment nature has to offer. Having squirrels around is like having a Discovery Channel for pets. Cats and dogs alike go racing to the window at the mention of the word “squirrel” because squirrels are furry little ninjas full of frivolity and frisky acrobatics.

Personally I don’t mind sharing a few plants with them because they were here first and it’s hilarious to watch what they do to stay fed and warm. Watching them hang upside down from the fence to snag a raspberry or coming right up to the window to say “whazzzzup” to the pets before snagging a treat is all in a day’s work for a squirrel.

Squirrels are quirky, crafty, smart little neighbors who could use a few extra unsalted, roasted peanuts today to beat the winter chill. Show a squirrel some love today!

(Note: it’s not advisable to hand-feed squirrels because they might get too comfortable and approach people or pets who could harm them. You can also squirrel-proof bird feeders to be sure the birds get fed and buy items like bulb cages to protect plants. Some experts say not to feed them at all… but if you do, make sure the peanuts you buy are roasted, without salt, and do not overfeed them.)


A squirrel leaping from bough to bough, and making the wood but one wide tree for his pleasure, fills the eye not less than a lion– is beautiful, self-sufficing, and stands then and there for nature. -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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