Stand Up for Saeed!

Saeed Abedini ACLJ

Saeed Abedini, an American pastor imprisoned for his faith in Iran in violation of their laws, our laws, and multiple human rights treaties, is being tortured.

They might hang him. 

Think about that. While most of us are sitting at home in a nice, comfortable chair leisurely browsing the web, one of our own is being beaten and put through hell. You’d think with Argo winning an Oscar for best picture among other awards that Saeed’s case would be getting more attention. It struck me as somewhat ironic that our First Lady, flanked by members of our military, announced this Oscar Sunday– for a movie dealing with hostages in Iran– while we actually have an American imprisoned and being tortured in Iran.

Iran needs to learn that they absolutely cannot do this to Americans and need to back off of Christians. Their treatment of Saeed is basically spitting in our faces and the Obama administration doesn’t seem to be doing anything meaningful to bring him home. The people they’re putting in key positions could actually hurt religious freedom and the safety of those being persecuted, not help it. Eighty members of Congress approached our Secretary of State earlier this month in a bipartisan effort asking him to use “every possible option” to get Saeed out of Iran… we’re still waiting.

Many people have the ridiculous idea that Christians are supposed to be passive about such attacks, citing the “turn the other cheek” idea as if God exists in some fluffy, ethically neutral ether. Christians are supposed to be the barrier that divides good and evil and are meant to wage spiritual war on the powers of darkness. We are to stand up for freedom and justice and truth against the bondage of hatred and control. We are supposed to be speaking out on behalf of the oppressed and doing what it takes to help them out of their pain.

Click on the picture above to sign the petition to free Saeed. In the meantime, please remember our fellow American and brother in the faith– and the horrors he is being subjected to even right this second– as you climb into a warm cozy bed near your family members tonight. His two kids and wife are at home without him.

Iran: you are playing with fire. This man is an American. You do this to one of us, you do it to all of us. Free Saeed Abedini!

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In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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4 thoughts on “Stand Up for Saeed!

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    My beloved blogging friends,

    As you might remember, in January, I did a post on an American pastor held captive in Iran. Sadly, Saeed is still being held captive, and could even be hung for the crime of being a Christian. Please read the following reblog from, and pray for Saeed and his family. Please, also pass the word to others, so that we can unite and call for our government to please take action for this man of God.

    Many blessings to each of you,


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