Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today at work I emailed the accounting and computer gurus about a typo in some software. It said operarting supplies, with an r, not operating.

This reminded me very much of when people pronounce Washington Warshington. It’s… piratety.

AAAAARRR!! Looks like me operARting supplies are at it again!
–Bill the Pirate

I was reminded that Talk Like a Pirate Day is almost here. It happens every September 19th. A pirate speak translator was sent to me as well:

(Note: the original website I used for this post is no longer working. I found these less elaborate versions online:

Just now I typed in “dance, dance, dance, the beat’s really hot.” The translation is:

Aye, dance, dance, dance the beat’s verily hot Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!

Let’s try… “I am pretty convinced that there was a hydraulic ram pump below the Great Pyramid.”

Translation: Ahoy, me am pretty con’inced that thar was a hydraulic ram pump below the Great Pyramid. Aye.

This is bringing corny pirate jokes to mind… for more on those, see


Q: Why do pirates like Apple?
A: They invented the Ayyyyyyye Pod!

What is the point of Talk Like a Pirate Day, you may ask? That’s the beauty of it. It’s sheer silliness. Obscure holidays are a welcome respite from the everyday stresses of life. Hoodie Hoo Day, National Zucchini Bread Day, and No Socks Day are other examples.

Many people worldwide celebrate Towel Day, and although it’s a bit early for this minor holiday, I asked a friend today why I was airing my grievances before Festivus (the celebration of which also includes a bare aluminum pole, a hearty dinner, and feats of strength).

From a psychology standpoint, Talk Like a Pirate Day is surely a welcome day for those with Pirate Identity Disorder (PID). A well-known example of this is Alan Tudyk’s character Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball (don’t bother with the movie, but the character was funny).

Many tweens seem to be flaunting a pirate vibe given the popularity of skull and crossbones gear. The too-many-chains, too-many-buttons-unbuttoned-showing-too-much-gnarly-chest-hair look can often be found in record stores. Certain rock stars, motorcycle enthusiasts, and former pro wrestlers are rarely seen without their mandanas.

See, people wanting to be pirates are everywhere. So on Sunday, those with PID can relax and know that catch phrases like “AAAR”, “aye”, and “avast” won’t result in the immediate sideways glance insinuating “wanna-be!” Nearly everyone will be talking this way, landlubbers and sea dogs alike.

What will be really interesting is if pastors give their sermons in pirate speak that day. Psalm 23:5, from the pirate translator, for example:

Ahoy, you prepare a table before me in the presence o’ my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup o’erflows. Aye, me parrot concurs.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is celebrated internationally, and you don’t need to approve of the pirate lifestyle or manner of dress to join in. This is simply an excuse to have fun, although when the usher at church this weekend says “hello”, and I lean in and say “ARRRR!”, we’ll see if he thinks that’s fun.

I’d better leave my plastic cutlass at home.


Why do people in ship mutinies always ask for “better treatment”? I’d ask for a pinball machine, because with all that rocking back and forth you’d probably be able to get a lot of free games. –Jack Handey


Originally posted September 14, 2010

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