Susan Cox Powell Update


KOMO News posted this information late last night (

SEATTLE — Susan Cox Powell’s blood was found on the tile floor near a sofa in the couple’s house in Utah, according to a search warrant unsealed on Friday.

The documents were unsealed in connection with a Washington state case against the missing woman’s father-in-law, Steven Powell. Steven Powell was arrested last year and charged with voyeurism and possession of depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

When police first entered the Utah home after Susan Cox Powell was reported missing, two fans were setup to blow air on the sofa. The woman’s husband, Josh Powell, told investigators that he had just cleaned the sofa at his wife’s request.

The document also revealed Susan Cox Powell, in a hand-written letter she had placed in a safe deposit box, stated Josh had “threatened to destroy her if they get divorced.” In the letter titled “Last will and testament for Susan Powell,” she wrote that if she were to die, it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one.

Susan Cox Powell had sole access to this safe deposit box, investigators said. Those close to the couple told detectives the woman and her husband were having marital and financial problems, and there had been talk of divorce.

As Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said later in this article, everything they needed to charge Josh Powell with murder was there. But the murder happened in Utah. Chuck Cox, Susan’s father who had custody of her two boys before they were brutally murdered by their father, said that had Josh Powell been charged with Susan’s murder, his grandsons would still be alive.

Why didn’t the authorities in Utah pursue these angles and arrest Powell? It’s been obvious to many bystanders that Powell was responsible for Susan’s murder. It seems extremely logical to have gotten such search warrants and found her documentation a long time ago. Josh Powell’s behavior was ridiculously suspect anyway– going camping in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures with their tiny sons, draining her accounts, relocating to a different state, concocting an elaborate conspiracy theory that Susan had run off with another man missing from the same area.

It is sickening to think that Susan did what every victim of abuse should do– document it– and those documents were not found for years. If you have been affected by abuse, please visit to learn how to record what has happened. If Susan’s paperwork had been found earlier, Josh Powell might not have been allowed to have custody of their sons that he murdered.

This is so sad. It makes me wonder what on earth is wrong in Utah that this didn’t happen. This story might have had a much happier ending. I hope that answers are found and people are held accountable. A sociopath should not be able to get away with such hellish things.


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