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A few months ago, this blog featured an award-winning documentary film, Live to Forgive. It details Dean Smith’s quest to forgive the man who murdered his mother when he was 12. Not only did Dean forgive his mom’s killer, he reached out to him in person to show that God loves him too.

This week I had the pleasure of hearing Dean speak for the second time, and I highly recommend his message. The subject matter as well as Dean’s style of delivery makes him an ideal guest speaker for any church or community group regardless of denomination. The concept of forgiveness is central to the Christian gospel, and Dean presents it in a way that is refreshing and relevant.

Dean’s presentation takes listeners from heavy emotion to gut-busting hilarity and back again as he walks through the essential steps to spiritual and emotional freedom. His points of action are intense yet easy to understand. His visual illustrations had the audience roaring and won’t soon be forgotten (seeing the pastor repeatedly yell to Dean’s wife for help had people in stitches).

This is a message that the whole world needs to hear. It has a beautiful simplicity. Dean is a must-have guest speaker and has even shared his story at churches that don’t usually allow guest speakers. If you can arrange to have him share with your congregation or group, you won’t regret it. You can also obtain a copy of the Live to Forgive movie via his website, It is well-suited for showing in a group setting, so consider watching it as a church, family, or study group. There is also a Live to Forgive Bible study coming out soon.

For more information, go to Thank you, Dean, for spreading this much-needed, timely, and profound message!

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