For awhile I’ve been wanting to say hey to my friends at the Armed Defense Training Association. Armed defense has rarely been a partisan issue in my circles; both liberals and conservatives I know exercise their Second Amendment rights. None of us think it’s radical or weird to defend our families, our property, and ourselves, especially in an age of terrorism and widespread interpersonal crime.

The ADTA was founded at the end of last year to promote responsible self-defense skills. Their website proclaims, “Knowledge. Safety. Preparedness.” These aren’t a bunch of nut jobs getting together to guzzle Bud Light and shoot tin cans. These are men and women from all walks of life who want to be able to act quickly and effectively when the time comes. Given how many women are sexually assaulted and experience domestic abuse, knowing how to defend yourself could ultimately save your life.

Here’s some examples of the upcoming training that the ADTA is sponsoring or participating in. Events typically take place in Bellevue, Federal Way, or Tacoma:

Live-Fire Practice
Info: Shoot/No-Shoot Simulator Experience
Info: Young Kim’s Shoot on the Move, Low-Light
NRA Range Safety Officer training
Gun Safety at Home
Hand-to-Hand Self Defense
Law of Armed Self-Defense

While my blurb here does endorse the ADTA’s mission, I do not necessarily endorse the views of individual members. The ones I know, however, are well-educated, intelligent, honest people who have a sincere desire to help others. And no, they don’t all agree on politics and religion, which is a common stereotype about gun owners.

Feel free to check out the ADTA’s website– Not only is knowing how to shoot a beneficial skill to have, it hones your coordination and concentration. It’s also a blast!


Self-defense is Nature’s eldest law. -John Dryden

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