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Bexar County Sheriff

Deputy shoots gunman at San Antonio movie theater.

This is a story that won’t get nearly as much coverage in the media as it deserves. It’s been making the rounds on the web since it happened on December 16th, but I didn’t hear about it until today.

In San Antonio, Texas, off-duty Bexar County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Lisa Castellano took down 19 year-old Jesus Manuel Garcia with four shots inside the Mayan Palace Theater. Castellano was working security at the time and ran towards the sound of gunshots. (more…)

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For awhile I’ve been wanting to say hey to my friends at the Armed Defense Training Association. Armed defense has rarely been a partisan issue in my circles; both liberals and conservatives I know exercise their Second Amendment rights. None of us think it’s radical or weird to defend our families, our property, and ourselves, especially in an age of terrorism and widespread interpersonal crime. (more…)

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