Defeat the Vampires!

Vampire blogger annotoole posted the first video listed below today. After I watched it, I realized that a well-known author has posted a whole series of videos to arm the public against manipulative and abusive people.

(Sarah! When did you do this? These are brilliant! What a fun and interesting way to help people avoid and break free from those we’ve always called vampires. Well done, and I love the nods to Lindner and Cleckley. My only beef is the swearing, but I understand why it’s included.)

Ladies and gents, we’ve dated, been engaged to, and married these people. We’ve worked for, are related to, and socialize with them. Some of us may be with them now. Like moths to light, they are drawn to strong, sensitive, successful, giving people that they can use as power sources in an attempt to fill the bottomless pits inside of themselves.

They come to us with a tragic circumstance or critical need that we loving people feel that we are destined to fix. They read us carefully and parrot our values, likes, and dislikes back to us so that we feel instantly bonded to them. They hide truths about their pasts and presents so that we will fit neatly into the niche in their lives that seems to have been custom-made for us.

But once we find that there is a disconnect between their words and actions, that they frequently say they’ll do things they don’t do, that they refuse to maintain proper boundaries with the opposite sex, and so on, they will start to push us away. We become the enemy. Everything becomes our fault. We are constantly reminded of what horrible people we are and how wonderful their other targets (partners) are in contrast.

The more you know about the hidden parts of their life and their affairs, the more you will be attacked. They will enlist the help of others to make you look like the instigator, and cut you loose without any regard for your well-being to allow them to finish their other meals. Because ultimately, they are predators, and you, as a whole, loving, sacrificial child of God, are a feast to them.

I remember what I said before I made the terrible mistake of trusting a vampire: either he’s the smoothest talker I’ve ever met, or he’s the one. He turned out to be the former, the exact type of soul-sucking black hole vortex these videos discuss, to whom I was merely a filling station on the highway of life.

Lacking light, hope, faith, and warmth in his life, he turned to multiple women at once to satisfy his sickness and moved on to more. The endless lies allowed him to act as if he were a serious relationship candidate but be something else entirely. His past, once verified, was different than he said or perceived that it was.

When questioned he could not inflict enough head games, gaslighting, and insults combined with compliments to keep me off balance. When you’re not standing on your own two feet you can be dragged along behind the psycho wagon easily, questioning if something’s wrong with you when the problem is in fact him.

Both men and women are capable of this behavior. Most adults have either experienced these people or know someone who has. They come from every walk of life and class in society. They pry their way into our hearts with pity and consume us like fire.

But remember– we are stronger than them. That’s why they were attracted to us in the first place.

Years ago, I began to realize that the people in my life who attacked me for not bowing to their soul-sucking darkness all seemed to be inwardly deformed by the same disease. When I started to research this, I read Dr. Robert Hare’s Snakes in Suits and was floored to find that someone had already penned a book about one of my experiences.

Since then, other experts have continued to affirm my experiences in words eerily similar to my own records of what has happened. The experiences of vampires’ victims are universal. As their misdeeds and predatory exploits are brought into the light, victims are learning how to beat them at their own game.

Arm yourself with the knowledge in these videos, draw on God’s unlimited strength, grace, and mercy, and break free from these vampires forever!

Mr. Invincible – The Invisible Psychopaths Among Us:

The Old Soul Mate Trick:

Mr. Duplicity – The Passive-Aggressive:

Extreme Energy Vampires Amongst Us:

Exposing the Mask of Insanity:

Dark Souls– Mind Games, Manipulation, and Gaslighting:

The Silent Treatment:

Getting Rid of a Psycho:

Empaths and Narcissists– What Do They Have In Common?:


An evil man is ensnared by the transgression of his lips,
But the righteous will escape from trouble.
-Proverbs 12:13

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