Almost Live

In the 1990s, Seattle became known for coffee, grunge, and political correctness. Thankfully one local comedy troupe had the wherewithal to poke fun at every niche of Seattle-area society anyway– no one was spared.

Saturday nights at 11:30, Almost Live created memorable characters like the High Five’n White Guys, Jet Guy, and The Survivalist. They unabashedly showcased this area’s stereotypes and performed skits about aspects of local culture that were usually discussed behind closed doors.

KING cancelled this show in 1999. While there’s been reruns on some years, nothing has ever taken the place of the irreverent original. There were cruder aspects of the show that I didn’t like, but overall it was hilarious to see Seattle psychoanalyzed by its own residents.

If you need an Almost Live fix sometimes like I do, go to YouTube. Here are some great examples of Seattle (and suburbs) poking fun at itself:

Speed Walker

COPS in Ballard

Roscoe’s Rug Emporium

Billy Quan – Fumes of Fury

Ineffectual Middle Management Suck-Ups

Alien Gumbys

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