Florida’s New Piano Bar

From komonews.com

This is littering on a grand scale.

KOMO is reporting that someone deposited a grand piano on a tiny sandbar in the middle of Biscayne Bay.

So far, no government agencies have stepped forward to remove it, and the seagulls are enjoying their elevated lookout post.

This picture would make an interesting postcard… “Life is Grand in Florida.”

I emailed the story out to a number of friends with the tagline, “Just play a few bars… on the Florida keys…”, knowing that others would respond with similar puns.

I expressed my concern about the piano falling off the sand bar and into the bay where a boat could hit it. I asked a couple of my sharp-witted friends, “So if it falls off the sandbar and a boat hits it, do you call it a grand slam?”

Without missing a beat, one replied, “Hahahaha. Clearly that would be an ‘accidental’…”

Honestly, this seems to put a damper on the bay’s water quality.

Let’s bring the hammer down on these litterbugs and tell them to pedal their refuse elsewhere. Wait, that sounded a little high strung…

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2 thoughts on “Florida’s New Piano Bar

  1. That’s funny. The government can’t figure out which agency is responsible for moving it. They probably can’t even decide which agency decides which agency has the authority to decide which agency should start planning to have a different agency make up a plan, write an environmental damage assessment, hold numerous meetings, bill the taxpayers a ridiculous amount, hold 3 or 4 conventions in Vegas, take 17 votes on it, give a no bid contract to the most incompetent company for an insane amount of money, and then ship the rest of the work load off to a neighboring agency who will be in charge of reviewing their plan 400 times to make sure nothing can go wrong and overseeing 678 meetings, lunches and happy hours before shipping the work load to yet another agency who will in turn decide which agency is going to delegate the agency that will oversee the operation. Our government is looking more and more like a Douglas Adams novel……. Meanwhile, spring has arrived, the snowpack has melted, and the piano happily floats downstream, amused by the uproar it caused and the fact that nobody noticed that it was no longer there.


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