Signs of the Times?

Brought to you by the evil alter ego of the letter N, maybe?

Once in awhile (I may be underestimating) I read a news story so odd that I want to check its validity on

This USA Today piece says the federal government has issued an unfunded mandate that street signs meet particular standards by 2015– including changing all signs to a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. The rationale is that the signs will be easier for older people to read.

Okay… last time I checked, capital letters were BIGGER than lowercase letters… and should you really be driving if you can’t read existing road signs now, in 2010?

I can’t help but wonder what possible ulterior motives might be… the federal government knows that most agencies don’t just have money sitting around right now…

Maybe cities and counties will hold a giant yard sale so we can buy the old signs, make a giant sculpture out of them, and sell it back to the government. At least we know there’s money for that.


When a thing defies physical law, there’s usually politics involved.
–P.J. O’Rourke


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