Billy the Kid Pardoned?

Billy the Kid

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson may pardon Billy the Kid:

If you have an opinion on this subject, you can email Governor Richardson at

I say no. This isn’t a criminal who was wrongfully accused or didn’t actually mean to hurt anyone. He’s a murderer and a cop killer who screwed up his own chance at amnesty.

Here is my email to Governor Richardson. I have little patience for the glorification of teenage outlaws at this point in time.


Governor Richardson–

On behalf of crime victims both present and past, I am asking that you do not pardon Henry McCarty, aka Billy the Kid.

This man was a notorious criminal and a serial killer. What kind of message is it going to send to crime victims if you pardon such an evil person?

Pardoning this creep just adds to his legend. Mass murderers should not be put on a pedestal; their memories should be scorned forever.

Please consider how insensitive a pardon is. It may also set a precedent so that the families of Charles Mansons, Ted Bundys, and mobsters can have their relative’s names exonerated in time.

Here in Washington State some of us locals have been battling the glorification of a serial criminal named Colton Harris-Moore. He has a catchy nickname as well, the “Barefoot Bandit.”

Thankfully he was stopped before he killed anyone, but his 90,000 Facebook fans and thousands of others cheering him on are spitting in the face of his victims.

Entire communities have suffered because of this felon– as did people during Billy the Kid’s time. And what Billy the Kid did is worse.

Please do not shame the memories of the law enforcement officers who stopped Billy the Kid and degrade what happened to his victims by issuing this pardon.

If you would like to learn more about the very real impact such miscreants have on their victims, please visit the crime victim advocacy blog “Time’s Up” at

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Justice is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together. -Daniel Webster

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