Police DV Postscript

Domestic Violence

KOMO News has published a follow-up story about Deputy Allen Myron, who shot and killed his in-laws, then committed suicide, in May.

Myron was working with Lane Judson to improve law enforcement’s response to domestic violence. Lane Judson is the father of Crystal Judson, who was murdered by her Tacoma police chief husband in front of their children.

I will never forget watching the live news coverage of the Brame shooting on TV. It happened in my hometown in a familiar spot.

I was horrified and tried to hide my emotions, but couldn’t. My then-spouse, a cop, asked what was wrong. I couldn’t tell him I was afraid that he was going to do the same thing.

His reply: “If Crystal Brame tried to take her husband’s pension in the divorce, she deserved it. But I wouldn’t kill you that way. I’d shoot you with my sniper rifle while you’re in your car at work.”

It was like we were calmly chatting about the weather, but on the inside I was screaming out to God for mercy with all my might.

It was one of those things you’ll never understand, but you’ll eventually forgive, yet you’ll never forget.

It’s a memory I’d rather not mention except that officer-involved domestic violence isn’t going to get better until our culture approaches the subject with total honesty.

While readers will immediately be struck by the irony of KOMO’s story, all domestic abusers who are police officers are guilty of the same hypocrisy to some degree. They violate the same laws they are sworn to uphold.

There is hope for these officers and their victims. Lane Judson is bringing it as well as others. This is a movement that combines compassion with accountability, understanding with consequences. Please feel free to visit Lane’s website, below.




There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness. -Josh Billings

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