Water Towers of Kirkland

“That’s not a water tower,” you say. You’re right. On the north side of Highlands Park in Kirkland, Washington are five curious monuments on top of a hill. They are the footings of an old metal water tower that had been removed by the mid-1980s. X marks the spot where the legs used to stand. […]

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Lost Lake

The weather in Seattle was perfect this weekend and it was an ideal time to reflect upon sunbeams, dreams, and dragonflies at this Snohomish County lake… You can sense all three in this photo, with the latter perched nimbly upon a reed in the center. ************************************************************************************* Today I saw the dragon-fly Come from the wells […]

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Leaves in Streets

If I own a house with a yard, I am responsible for what’s inside my property line. If I want my leaves raked, I need to rake them or get someone else to do it or they will remain on my lawn. In like fashion, my responsibility ends where my boundaries end. If my neighbor’s […]

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