The New Civil War

Today in Seattle tensions are mounting as a group of people demand the removal of a Confederate monument in Lake View Cemetery. This happens from time to time. You might remember Destroying the Seattle Confederate Memorial  from two years ago in which I mention the diverse parties involved in its dedication. Earlier today I was informed […]

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Forever remember the name of Muath al-Kaseasbeh. WARNING, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS burns hostage alive In this video he is doused in some sort of accelerant and then burned alive in a metal cage. Should you watch it? That depends. Children should not watch it. Those who will be haunted by flesh melting off of a […]

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What Iran Sent

From  Iran’s Weapons Shipment Safely in Israel’s Hands. Thanks to Joel Rosenberg’s blog for spotting this Israeli Defenses Forces graphic first.

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On the Boston Marathon

God help us. At lunchtime ABC News broke into the local broadcast I was listening to and announced that two explosions had occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. It seemed that authorities did not know what had exploded or if it was related to the marathon. As the afternoon progressed and more […]

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The Israeli Security Approach

The ‘Israelification’ of airports: High security, little bother – This article from the Toronto Star discusses how Israel’s airport security differs from the U.S. and Canada. We can learn a lot from a country that, as reporter Cathal Kelly points out, has a higher terror threat, but has managed to minimize the inconveniences travelers […]

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