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Dude, I was there.

Stonehedge 12-22-15

Well, a friend told me solstice was technically just before 10 Pacific time last night, and this is one letter off, but you should celebrate solstice for a full 24 hours, like a holiday, right?

Washington State actually has a Stonehenge at Maryhill near the Columbia Gorge. The Sam Hill built it nearly a century ago and is buried nearby. He intended it as a World War I memorial.

Maryhill Stonehenge

I did not have time to run to that Stonehenge at lunch, only Stonehedge.

Learn more about the dozen or so celestial events Stonehenge is tuned into and more of its amazing intricacies here.



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A couple of weeks ago I was driving down the road and saw red balloons out in front of someone’s house as if they were having a party.

Wait—there were no festivities. They were recycling a toilet. I think.

Instantly my brain turned to “caption this photo”and “classified ad” mode.

With a Boston accent: There’s a party at my house and everyone’s invited. (more…)

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