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February 2010. I’m hungry. It’s lunchtime. Fish sounds good. I make fish.

Here is the email I sent to a couple of friends soon after this fish incident. The name of the grocery store has been omitted.

I just ate the worst tasting fish I have ever had in my life. Every burp brings back the traumatic memory of choking down this bargain tilapia, and I already have gas from it. Last month I bought a giant bag of Chinese imported tilapia at _____ with the misleading moniker  “Great American Seafood”. The pieces were individually wrapped. (more…)

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The Phobia List

A recent conversation spurred me to consult a website I’ve had saved as a favorite for years, The Phobia List: http://phobialist.com/.

Anxieties and phobias are often rooted in trauma, so some of these issues are very real to people. They don’t have to make sense to the outside world; what matters is how they make someone feel. (more…)

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