The Tokitae?

Animal lovers and other people of compassion, we have a very narrow window of time to contact the Washington State Transportation Commission in support of the proposal to name a new ferry Tokitae. Tokitae is a beloved orca captured as a baby near Whidbey Island in 1970 who’s been stuck in a substandard-size tank in […]

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Captive Orcas

Today Howard Garrett and Susan Berta of the Orca Network sent out an email update on Tokitae (Lolita), the captive Salish Sea native who has spent 40 years in substandard conditions at the Miami Seaquarium. I appreciate their ongoing efforts to free Tokitae and save other marine mammals from life as prisoners. Their news release […]

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Tokitae and Oil

As if the Gulf oil spill isn’t horrific enough already, this week I learned that the oil could reach Miami’s Seaquarium within 30 days. The water in the marine mammal tanks there comes from the Biscayne Bay. They have what’s known as an open water system. When the oil reaches Miami, it could contaminate and […]

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