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Well done everyone! The Seattle Times just reported that one of Washington State’s new 144-car ferries will be named the Tokitae!


For those who don’t know Tokitae, she is an orca who was captured as a baby in 1970 off of Whidbey Island and is the second oldest orca in captivity. She has been dancing for food at the Miami Seaquarium for decades and there is a movement to bring her back to her native waters (a sea pen near the San Juans). Yes, I was skeptical too, but I think this plan could actually work with enough support. (more…)

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Animal lovers and other people of compassion, we have a very narrow window of time to contact the Washington State Transportation Commission in support of the proposal to name a new ferry Tokitae.

Tokitae is a beloved orca captured as a baby near Whidbey Island in 1970 who’s been stuck in a substandard-size tank in the Miami Seaquarium ever since. She is the last survivor of a group of 45 wild orcas who were brutally rounded up and sold into captivity– that decimated the local orca population and the Orca Network points out it’s never recovered. (more…)

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The Orca Project has reported that Tokitae (aka Lolita) has been ill and the Miami Seaquarium won’t release details about her condition.

The Truth about Lolita…?.

A news release from The Orca Network says that she has recovered, but there still aren’t any details.

http://www.orcanetwork.org/news/releases.html (more…)

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Kandu's Death 1989

Kandu V’s Death at SeaWorld California in 1989

Today Howard Garrett and Susan Berta of the Orca Network sent out an email update on Tokitae (Lolita), the captive Salish Sea native who has spent 40 years in substandard conditions at the Miami Seaquarium. I appreciate their ongoing efforts to free Tokitae and save other marine mammals from life as prisoners.

Their news release referenced a report titled Keto & Tilikum Express the Stress of Orca Captivity (http://theorcaproject.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/keto-tilikum-express-stress-of-orca-captivity.pdf). (more…)

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Tokitae at Miami Seaquarium

As if the Gulf oil spill isn’t horrific enough already, this week I learned that the oil could reach Miami’s Seaquarium within 30 days.

The water in the marine mammal tanks there comes from the Biscayne Bay. They have what’s known as an open water system.

When the oil reaches Miami, it could contaminate and kill the whales and dolphins at the Seaquarium. (more…)

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Free Lolita

In the past few days there’s been a lot of media coverage of the International Day of Protest for Lolita. This movement is picking up steam and attracting more attention than ever before—as it should.

Allow me to introduce you to Lolita:

-She is a native Northwesterner
-She’s about 40 years old
-She has blue eyes
-She has been performing for audiences longer than I’ve been alive (more…)

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