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Here is a great article on the tactics the media can use to manipulate our minds by Dr. Samuel Lopez de Victoria. Yes, they certainly do employ psychology to make money and play up particular viewpoints:


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Crime victim advocacy titan Susan Murphy Milano just posted her thoughts on the Casey Anthony trial on the Time’s Up blog, http://timesupblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/in-court-of-public-opinion-verdict-is.html.

Her post got me on my soapbox because I’m so sick of seeing coverage that forever cements the names of suspects in our minds while forgetting who the victims are. I would like to see several homicide cases I know of featured in the media so that the cases can be closed or the perpetrators are brought to justice, but the chances of getting those on TV is slim given the prolonged coverage of the mere handful of cases featured already. (more…)

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From http://drjimtaylor.com/2.0/#

From drjimtaylor.com

Dr. Jim Taylor is one of my favorite psychology bloggers. He always gets my attention when he writes about pop culture and the quizzical role it has in today’s society.

With his permission, I am re-blogging his latest piece, “I Don’t Care about LeBron James or Lindsay Lohan or…” A couple of my friends and I often vent our frustration over the constant media assault on our eyes and ears that is celebrity news.

I read this piece and said, “Amen, Dr. Jim!” (more…)

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