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Every time the topics of abuse, dysfunction, and boundary violations come up, I cringe, knowing that the same old sanctimonious rhetoric is about to slither up my neck like a decrepit, toxic snail: “We’ll pray for you. You need let go of your unforgiveness. We hope that the root of bitterness will be dug out.”

In my mind I’m asking, “and do you realize how many people are driven away from the Gospel because of this damning, judgmental legalism instead of towards it?!!” Then mushroom clouds erupt from my ears in a white-hot flash of righteous anger. (more…)

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Do you have a can of Quaker Oats in your house? Good. Because now you know what the guy one of my ancestors came to America with looked like. Quaker Oats says their cylindrical packaging doesn’t portray William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, but there’s a strong resemblance.

This ancestor came here from England on William Penn’s last transatlantic voyage. He may be the same man in English records who was imprisoned for his religious beliefs in the 1670s. Along with the Lutherans, Mennonites, and other peoples and creeds in my family tree, he passed down a heritage of faith that I am proud of. (more…)

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