The Juanita Beach Goldfish

For years I have been fascinated with the story of a goldfish that survived the April 29th, 1965 Puget Sound earthquake. This was a strong quake that one of my parents remembers vividly. They were just kids when it happened, and as a kid I remember marveling over their description of the strong jolts, groceries […]

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Last Call

If the Ericksen House in Bothell, Washington isn’t moved in March, it will be destroyed. The house and its neighbor have been sitting there patiently waiting for someone to move them. But despite being *FREE*, as in, COMPLETELY FREE BUILDINGS, no one has come for them. I wrote about these buildings in last October’s Necrotic […]

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Yours for $116,500

On Wednesday, August 17th, Kirkland, Washington’s Trueblood House was moved around the corner to a temporary location until a buyer can be found. KIRO News had their helicopter in the air for the actual move and cameras on the ground. The move began at 11 A.M. It was supposed to take up to three hours. […]

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Ready to Roll

Tomorrow, August 17th, 2016, at 11 A.M., the 1889 Trueblood House in Kirkland, Washington is going to move a block or so. The power lines in front will come down and it will be carefully rolled forward to 7th Avenue between two poles, one of which already has a pronounced lean. The owner offered to give […]

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Wellington 105 1/2

Recently I was browsing a used bookstore and remembered that I wanted to find a book on the 1910 avalanche in Wellington, Washington. Just then I glanced down and found Gary Krist’s The White Cascade: The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America’s Deadliest Avalanche. I’ve been drawn to this place for a while and needed to do […]

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