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Here’s a great infographic from FARE. Food allergies are very serious and becoming more common. The American diet is overloaded with gluten, sugar, soy, and dairy products– is it any wonder that our bodies are starting to fight back?

May is Food Allergy Action Month. Pass it on!



Food Allergy Research & Education.

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Egg-free people of the world, rejoice! Whether you are eggless by choice, an allergy, an intolerance, or simply an aversion to off-white spherical objects that emanate from fat, feathered fowl, there are viable alternatives to use in recipes.

A conversation today reminded me that I had a couple lists of egg substitutes stashed away in a recipe binder. I can’t take credit for any of these, but have used the egg replacer and applesauce with some success. (more…)

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