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You know the kind of music that you crank up and sing along with when you’re driving? The type that has you playing air drums at a stoplight and other people look over in awe of your percussion skills? I’m proud to say that one of my favorite “crank it up” bands is Seattle’s own The Classic Crime. These guys debuted in 2006 and have been making waves in the music world ever since. (more…)

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Isn’t it funny when you assume that someone’s talents and interests are somehow limited to their job description?

Only recently I learned that a longtime family friend, a firefighter/paramedic, is also the musical director at his church and has recorded several CDs.

On that note (pun intended), I’d like to introduce readers to Rob McCoy and his website, Rob McCoy on Fire. http://www.robmccoyonfire.com/ (more…)

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One word:


Had I not heard this performance in a church, I would have been on my feet yelling “WHOOOOOO!!!! YEAH!!!!!” during some of the blazing guitar solos. Next time I think I will. Who cares what anyone else thinks. I love good music.

Today I had the privilege of hearing the band Gungor live. This eclectic Denver-based group is making waves in the Christian music world, and music aficionados in general should take notice. They’re that good. (more…)

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