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Kenmore Mural 5-12-16 1

Today I chanced upon a mural going up on the west side of the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Kenmore, Washington. According to the Arts of Kenmore site:

The Kenmore Mural Project at St. Vincent de Paul is a community collaboration involving artists A Gaul Culley, Staci Adman, the City of Kenmore, St. Vincent de Paul, The Kenmore Heritage Society, as well as many local community partners.

The St. Vincent de Paul wall is 188 feet long by 12 feet tall and located near the intersection of 73rd Ave NE and Bothell Way.  This heavily traveled arterial gives the mural clear visibility from both vehicles and pedestrians.

The City of Kenmore and St. Vincent de Paul launched this project idea in the spring of 2015 and began working with the artists in the summer of the same year.

The Kenmore Mural project at St. Vincent de Paul celebrates and tells the story of the cultural history of Kenmore.  Our hope is that the mural will deepen the community’s sense of place.  We also hope it will contribute to Kenmore’s 20-year vision of “a community that is inclusive and family friendly, with a small town feeling that fosters a sense of belonging and pride and supports local arts, culture and history.”

Kenmore Mural 5-12-16 2

Kenmore Mural 5-12-16 3

For those who don’t know, Kenmore has a seaplane port, Kenmore Air, borders one of the coolest state parks ever, St. Edward, and a history tied to local hydroplane racing.

Hopefully this wall will somehow be graffiti-proofed. As a longtime public employee I can attest to how often various assets are vandalized. They can be expensive to clean. The funny part is, no one cares about a self-important tag; its meaning is lost on the general public.

But the meaning of this mural is not. It seems to be part of a larger movement to fully develop Kenmore’s identity. What a fantastic idea!


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While driving into Conway today a girl smiled and waved at me from her perch atop a large hammer. It was so oversized that not even Thor could wield it. Her friendliness warmed my heart. It reminded me of why I like hanging out in Skagit County. People actually talk to strangers there.

After completing my errands I walked over to chat about the cheery menagerie of artwork lining their yard. I discovered that the artist, Tony Stinson, had made the gargantuan tool for his own collection but it was snapped up by someone else. From what he said this won’t be his last hammer though.

Tony’s daughter Talula was having a blast playing on her dad’s handiwork and gleefully obliged when I asked to take their picture: (more…)

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A couple of weeks ago I was driving down the road and saw red balloons out in front of someone’s house as if they were having a party.

Wait—there were no festivities. They were recycling a toilet. I think.

Instantly my brain turned to “caption this photo”and “classified ad” mode.

With a Boston accent: There’s a party at my house and everyone’s invited. (more…)

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