Believe? Why?

Christian Coalition for Safe Families

Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.

Psalm 27:10

If there was ever a time for frank talk in the church about relationships it’s now. Too often those in ministry spend years perfecting the right formulas, obtaining advanced degrees, and developing a gospel-marketing strategy when what most people need is straight truth about the condition of our world and the hope beyond it.

Many survivors of domestic violence, childhood abuse, stalking, sexual assault, and other dark evils want nothing to do with Christianity. Millions of us have asked ourselves, “If God is good, how could He allow that to happen to me?” It’s a valid question. If we are to recognize and respect an omniscient being not only as our Creator but a loving Father, shouldn’t He be showing us more of what a loving father looks like?

Why God ever allowed evil into His…

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