Lincoln’s Shadows

Lincoln 4

Now more than one hundred years old, Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Washington is home to a 1918 statue of Lincoln by Alonzo Victor Lewis.

One recent evening I paid a visit to Mr. Lincoln as the evening sun blazed in the west just over the rooftops, which made picture taking challenging.

Lincoln 1

But the shadows were fabulous.

Lincoln 2

The sun behind Honest Abe was blinding so I positioned myself in front of his likeness in order to see. The result was a subtle halo…

Lincoln 3

Stepping back farther I snapped this photo, at the time not realizing that the angle of the buildings made our 16th president appear to have wings.

Lincoln 4

This is a more typical view.

Lincoln 5

The inscription on the base was difficult to read. I couldn’t tell who erected the statue.

Lincoln 6

There are so many years of deep and colorful history on these grounds. Generation upon generation has passed through here and many have already gone on to that brilliant realm where they actually get to meet the man behind the bronze visage.

Lincoln 7


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. -Abraham Lincoln


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