Thank You For Your Service

This video was mentioned in a Daughters of the American Revolution communication. The author noted that many Vietnam veterans have never been told thank you– by anyone.

If you see a veteran, take a few seconds to shake their hand or give them a hug and thank them for their service. These men and women have given up long years of their lives to serve others. Many have suffered physical and psychological injuries as a result. All have made sacrifices.

Think about it– we see them all the time. In the grocery store. At the gas station. In the workplace. At church. Many sit in retirement homes and medical facilities as well, and they could use some good cheer.

An American World War II veteran dies every three minutes. Only about a fifth of those who survived the war are still with us. Twenty-two American veterans a day commit suicide. Fifty thousand veterans are homeless. A quarter of a million veterans from recent conflicts suffer from PTSD.

They need your support. Will you say thank you when the moment presents itself?


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