State-Sanctioned Serial Killers

Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors. Click on photo for more information.
Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors. Click on photo for the WhoIsGosnell website.

Once again the blogosphere has taken on an important cause before most of the media would dare bring this evil to light: the cases of Kermit Gosnell and Douglas Karpen. Both are “doctors” who for years have been slaughtering babies as “legitimate” abortion providers.

As a Christian, I’m pro-life. I believe that God created life and it is to be protected, not ended when it’s an inconvenience to one or both parents. While I don’t believe that rape and incest victims should be forced to bear their violators’ offspring, my tolerance stops there.

The modern pro-choice movement has some very dark roots in racism and eugenics and is too much like the mentality that consumed Nazi Germany last century. I continue to be horrified when people tell me that being compassionate is allowing a woman to expel her own child and being intolerant is standing up for that child’s life.

In the cases of Gosnell, Karpen, and their ilk, they have been treating babies like an alien virus to be eradicated by whatever method suits their fancy. They stab live babies, dismember them, slash their necks, twist their heads off, cut their spinal cords, crush their skulls– both in and out of the womb. How does this hurt a newborn child any less than it would you or I, plus they are so new and fragile?

As fellow bloggers have posted the photos and details of this carnage the past couple of weeks, I’ve been horrified to note that these “doctors” don’t operate any differently than serial killers. There’s no difference. The ways in which they kill are self-gratifying and brutal and they keep trophies and mementos around like babies’ body parts. In one case, little legs were floating around in raw sewage after an overflow at Karpen’s clinic.

These “doctors” have also shown little regard for the well-being of the mothers involved because they are stone-cold butchers. Some women have died under their “care” and God only knows the psychological trauma some of the surviving women have been through. I don’t agree with their choices but I still love the people in my life who believe differently about this than I do.

Butcher abortionists like Gosnell and Karpen should absolutely be charged with murder among other crimes against both the babies and their mothers. Gosnell, thankfully, was just convicted of a few of the multitude of murders he committed. Many of us are still asking where on earth the authorities in Philly were for the decades he was running his slaughterhouse; I’m among those asking how many more places like this there are.

This is state-sanctioned serial killing and now the state needs to stop it. The way these baby-killing factories were run shows a complete disregard for life, for the lives of the babies who were subjected to violent and agonizing deaths, for the mothers, and for the clinic employees. I don’t understand why someone would keep working in places like these, but I have empathy for what they might be processing too.

Gary Jackson over at A Time for Choosing has just published a shocking article on the Karpen case,, and has also been following the Gosnell story,

More information can be found through a simple web search as well. I would strongly caution people against looking at the pictures of the mutilated corpses of these tiny victims– it’s exponentially more revolting to see crushed and slashed babies than viewing the real or dramatized deaths of adults. It can have a powerful and traumatic psychological effect.

I hope Americans realize that the same exact horrors happen to babies inside the womb, but many in the pro-choice movement don’t consider them human until they exit the birth canal. If babies weren’t to be considered human before birth, then surely God would not have given them nervous systems to feel pain and consciousness to experience life.

It has always deeply disturbed me that if someone has a miscarriage it’s a tragedy, but if someone aborts their child, it’s considered by many an absolute right because “no one should tell them what to do with their own body.” There is another body involved, and it, not the mother’s, is the body being stabbed, gashed, crushed, burned, dissolved, and vacuumed out of its host– and feeling all of it.

No matter what we all believe about abortion, I’m sure all of us sane people can agree that the Gosnells and Karpens have no place in this country. They should be rooted out and imprisoned before their unconscionable blood sport claims even one more innocent, fragile life and their dismembered parts stored in a milk jug in the fridge. I’ve said it before, but sometimes I can’t believe this is 2013.


I know that the LORD will maintain
The cause of the afflicted,
And justice for the poor.

-Psalm 140:12


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