Harlem Shake: Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Evidently there’s a new dance craze this month called the Harlem Shake. Basically someone dances by themselves to a crazy electronic song until the bass line kicks in, and then everyone else joins in wearing random costumes.

Believe me, anyone can do this dance– no mad skillz required. I think my family probably made this up years ago but without the snazzy tune (yes, there have been parties like this…).

While perusing various Harlem Shake videos, I found one I can’t stop laughing about because it’s so ridiculous. It’s not right, but it’s funny:

There’s a lot of PG-13 and R-rated ones out there, but I’ll post some of the cleaner ones– they’re hilarious:








On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined. -Lord Byron


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2 thoughts on “Harlem Shake: Washing Machine

  1. I have to admit to not knowing about the original, but in reading up on it last weekend, it sounds like some people are saying it’s not the same dance. Or it’s a corrupted version of the real thing. This version started with five guys in Australia… and I must say, it’s nice that there’s finally a dance I can do quite well!


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