Thundershirt for Kitties

Thundershirt for Cats

You might remember my original blog post on Thundershirt, Thundershirt has worked very well for my loving and faithful hound. It really takes the edge off of the fear and anxiety caused by fireworks, storms, or neighbors who seem to have no awareness of how their actions affect others.

Thundershirt employs the concept of deep pressure stimulation (see, essentially wrapping your dog in a big hug. When doesn’t a huge hearty hug calm someone down? Initially I thought Thundershirt was a gimmick, but now acknowledge it as a great product.

Thundershirt now how a smaller version for our feline fuzzy ones. I’m somewhat put off by the $39.95 price tag as I paid that for my dog’s. So far it seems to be getting good reviews. Some cats, however, turn into extreme martial arts edged weapons experts when introduced to something confining like an article of clothing. Plus kitties can become two-dimensional when they wish, slipping out of any enemy snare.

A cat could probably get used to a Thundershirt and find it relaxing to ride to the vet in one. However, I worry that they could get the Thundershirt caught on something while doing kung fu and acrobatics, or work a hind leg out through the neck hole. Cats are determined, ingenious, and cannot be foiled by anything. If we want to improve the world or win wars, we should put cats in charge. They will not be kept down, man. Fight the power.

So… we shall see if the funky feline fashion statement known as the Thundershirt turns out to be as useful as the wildly popular canine version. Interestingly, while driving home tonight in a tall low-fat soy Seattle rain (medium-strength, for those whose lives are not overshadowed by Lord Starbucks), I saw a man walking his Blue Heeler while wearing a Thundershirt. No, not the man, the dog. What were you thinking?

Anyway, that was the first time I’d seen a puppy wearing one while exercising. It could be miserable to wear a damp vest while out and about. Plus it’s designed to be tight around the dog’s body. But I pondered the possible reasons for this attire. Perhaps the dog’s owner makes him anxious. Maybe he barks at drivers who fail to use their turn signal when merging (I do). He might have a phobia of people who go jogging in those neoprene-looking sandals with the individual toes (I avert my eyes).

To Thundershirt or not to Thundershirt? For dogs, yes. For cats, hmmmmmm. Thinking about it. Logically, and based on testimonials I’ve read, it should be AWESOME, like premium organic catnip sprinkled over a jar of chicken baby food. Let me know if you’ve tried this and the revered Velcro vest has not been reduced to shreds of stringy oblivion or ended up as a lopsided turban with two toenails sticking out of it.


Of all God’s creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat. -Mark Twain


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3 thoughts on “Thundershirt for Kitties

  1. I don’t know if this would work or not, but I’m intrigued. My experience with putting clothing on a cat, even a harness, is that it makes gravity pull on them so very hard so that the kitten has no choice but to sink to the ground and lay there, pathetic. So…there’s that.


      1. Yes! That’s what all of our cats did in the dog sweater that, for some reason, we decided was some sort of initiation in our house. And when I was training my kitten to walk in a harness we tried it on the two adult cats. They just sunk to the ground and stared at us, unable to fight the unbelievable gravity. So. Heavy.


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