Got Dead Deer?

From, Credit: Al Loebel

Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, Washington is a wonderful place. They rehabilitate all kinds of wild animals from birds to bears. Years ago I took an injured robin to them and they nursed it back to health so that it could return to the skies.

Last week I learned that Sarvey could really use roadkill deer that have been dead less than 24 hours. I hate seeing animals that have been killed by cars, but their remains can be used to help other animals live. Sarvey has raptors and carnivores large and small that need meat to survive, and they will come pick up fresh deer carcasses as they’re able. A volunteer dresses them and they divide them into safe portions for the animals they are rehabilitating.

Sarvey operates the only animal ambulance in our state. It serves King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties and drives around picking up injured wildlife to take back to the center. They rely heavily on their 100 or so volunteers who come in to feed and care for the animals who are being nursed back to health. The first time I went there, a volunteer came out to meet me while bottle feeding a baby raccoon in her arms. They often care for orphaned and displaced wild animals as well as injured ones.

This holiday season, please think of the toll our speedy vehicles and sprawling developments take on the local wildlife population. They’ve always been here; we’re the newcomers. In my years in government I’ve talked to many people who believe their neighborhoods and roadways should be purged of wild “pests.” They seem to want sterilized suburban neighborhoods in spite of all of our woods, streams, and open spaces. I find this quite odd living in an area where people claim to be so environmentally friendly and “green.”

I’ve learned of people who believe the police are responsible for keeping deer from crossing the roads, from someone who thought all frogs should be eradicated so they wouldn’t make noise, from people who have beavers removed from their neighborhoods for questionable reasons, and those who want all rabbits gone as well as stopping raccoons from peering in their sliding glass doors. These animals are poisoned, shot, trapped, and often blamed for things they don’t do. They were here first. We need to coexist as safely as we can and help keep our ecosystem in balance.

Sarvey is a huge blessing to our remaining fuzzy and feathered native residents and could use meat like roadkill deer as well as volunteers and donations. While some law enforcement agencies in their immediate area sometimes bring them such deer, it sounds like we need to spread the word and let other government agencies and residents know that they could use the meat as well. And yes, any live deer housed at Sarvey can use your time and donations as well. Thank you!


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