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Good evening all! Being outspoken about celiac disease and food allergies means that people searching for information on these conditions stop by my blog. I’m happy to announce that Truth, Justice, and All-American Allergen-Free Apple Pie has become part of the Gluten-Free Global Community. You can click on the logo above to go straight to their website.

Many talented and innovative bloggers are featured at the GFGC site. It is a web destination oozing with empathy and understanding. If you are looking for more information on celiac disease and gluten intolerance, tasty recipes, lifestyle advice, and others who understand your situation, please stop by their site. I found them via one of my favorite allergen-free foodie bloggers, Sprinkles and Allergies,

Thank you so much to GFGC for letting me join in! As I mentioned in my post (below) about the discrimination actress Jennifer Esposito is facing for having celiac disease, the general public needs to be educated about these conditions. The celiac community is growing in power thanks to online forces like this, and that means more awareness is generated, more people are diagnosed, and society increasingly understands that we live with a real condition that needs some respect.

Feel free to check out the Diet and Health section on the right sidebar. Within some of those posts are links to other websites you might find useful, including dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, egg-free products. Remember, eating an allergen-free diet is more about finding new products and substitutions than cutting foods out. It’s a culinary adventure– make the most of it. Enjoy!


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