Coldplay– Eh?

Lately Coldplay’s Paradise has been on the radio nonstop. It’s been on my playlist for a personal reason besides the fact that Paradise is their best song in awhile. The fluidity and oomph of the intermittent bass line alone sets it apart from most of its peers. The relaxed beat and well-choreographed interplay of the piano, strings, and guitar make this a delectable track.

This past weekend I realized I hadn’t seen the video yet, so I tuned into YouTube to view a brilliant take on the song’s undercurrents. However, 41 seconds in, I said, “what?!” as Chris Martin’s escapee elephant stood in the Underground holding a cardboard sign:

The reason this jumped out is because of Aaron English’s recent video for Anthem that involved a dancing bear with cardboard on Venice Beach:

Kind of a déjà vu…

What this blurb is leading to is that I learned Xiren has made a cover of Paradise with English on keyboards:

While it lacks the flow of the original and sounds closer to standard rock than Coldplay’s chill-out vibe version, it’s attractive in its own right. Xiren added a female vocalist and made Paradise a duet a la Shaun Morgan and Amy Lee in their civil days.

Funny how that came full circle. And I must tip my hat to a hilarious post on YouTube about this tune that said, “the parrot, parrot, parrot dies, every time it looks at the rice.” Evidently fans have gone Weird Al on this song and are making their own videos with these disturbing yet goofy alternate lyrics. Let’s see if Al himself will take this twistedness on…


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