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From KOMO News

For as many inconsistencies as there are about this event, the most important part of it is that a two year-old boy is missing and needs to be found.

Two year-old Sky Metalwala has been missing since his mother allegedly left him alone in her car and went for gas yesterday in Bellevue, Washington.

According to KOMO News and the Bellevue Police Department:

Sky is of mixed Indian and Caucasian race and has brown eyes, dark buzz-cut hair with a dark green hooded sweatshirt and blue and gray striped Carter pants. Sky is pictured above in the same outfit he was wearing when he went missing.

The Seattle Times says:

Investigators are asking anyone who may have traveled along 112th Avenue Northeast, between Highway 520 and Northeast 24th Avenue Northeast, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Sunday to call Bellevue police at 425-577-5656.

As Cynthia Caron, president of LostNMissing, Inc. said in a recent blog article (, don’t harass the parents, find the baby. It does not help the child to confront the parents. There are a number of questions in this case that are affecting the public’s perception of it and I hope we can all keep our focus on the life that could be hanging in the balance.

To summarize the issues that have been brought up: the parents are going through a divorce, domestic violence appears to be involved, and the parents have been cited and done community service for previously leaving Sky alone in a vehicle. The mother says she ran out of gas and walked a mile to a gas station with her four year-old daughter, leaving Sky asleep in the vehicle. Sky was alone for about an hour.

Various news outlets are reporting that she called a friend while on that walk but not for other help, no gas can was found, and the police were able to start her car. People are wondering why she didn’t walk to a closer residence or business. There’s been speculation about why Sky is pictured in the same outfit he went missing in.

There are certainly many questions about this case, and I hope that even though I’m as puzzled with the questionable circumstances as everyone else we’ll remember to keep the most important question at the top of the list: where is Sky? Let’s just hope and pray this precious boy is found as soon as possible.

Please remember that no clue, hint, or detail is too insignificant to mention to the police. Sometimes it’s the tiniest detail that solves the case.


Update: Today, 11/8/11, the media is reporting that the search has moved to Redmond, Washington where the family lives. The Bellevue Police Department has stated that the only person to see Sky in the last two weeks is his mother. Sky’s sister is in the case of a foster family. A tipline has been set up, 425-452-2564.


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