Go Pemco!

From http://www.werealotlikeyou.com/#profiles

Today Amy Rolph of the PI brought readers’ attention to the five newest Pemco Northwest profiles: http://blog.seattlepi.com/thebigblog/archives/235988.asp.

#51 is Oblivious Left-Lane Occupant!! Having just blogged about this very phenomenon, the blatant refusal of drivers in the Puget Sound area to get out of the passing lane, I am delighted to see Pemco taking note of this as well. This is a dangerous behavior that stifles the traffic flow.

If you are unfamiliar with the Northwest Profiles campaign, visit http://www.werealotlikeyou.com/#profiles. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this ad campaign since it started since there’s a lot of truth to its profiles of local people types. I must admit to going blue-tarp camping and having similarities to several of these profiles myself (including finding a strange pleasure in pressure washing).

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