Sat-Kaa’s Passion


Fred Fulmer is a local German-Tlingit wood carver originally from Hoonah, Alaska. Many Snoqualmie Valley residents have probably seen his work without realizing it; his self-carved totem pole greets passersby on Highway 203. Recently I attended a presentation of his and learned more about what drives his passion.

The Tlingit are a matriarchal society and so Fulmer is a member of the Chookaneidee clan through his mother. His Tlingit name is Sat-Kaa. He is a leader in the local tribal community, including acting as spokesperson for his dance troupe.

Fulmer has been networking with other Native American artists in the Northwest for some time, and has had the privilege of studying with some of the Northwest’s premier carvers, including Israel Shotridge and Scott Jensen. He takes his craft very seriously and is looking forward to some ambitious projects.

He is becoming increasingly skilled at his work, which is sometimes displayed at Seattle’s Stonington Gallery. Stonington is the go-to gallery for aficionados of Northwest Coastal and Alaskan native art and culture. Fulmer’s “Bear House Post” piece, my favorite work of his thus far, was shown there before it was sold. It is pictured above.

Fulmer and his fellow dancers recently had the opportunity to “dance” a carved helmet when it was completed. Finishing the piece of art wasn’t enough; they wanted to infuse it with life by including it in their performance. You can hear the story of this helmet and watch the event in several parts on YouTube:

Lingit Kusti Part III- Dancing at The Head Adorned Exhibit Opening

Fulmer’s personal blog is, where you can see a few more examples of his hard work and dedication. The Stonington Gallery’s website is

Keep your eye on this artist—you will be seeing his name again in the future.

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