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Wow! This video, posted online by the advocacy group Dignity Together, is the best summary of workplace bullying that I’ve seen. The target of the bullying is not the problem or the solution, yet employers often treat them as if they’re responsible for the abuser’s actions. Without intervention, the problem will get worse, and there is real psychological and physical suffering that results from the torment.

I often point out the parallels between this and domestic violence– both are driven by power and control. Both are motivated by a sick need to make others feel small and by those who find pleasure in making others miserable. We must stand up to this and educate others as to what workplace bullying is and what to do about it– please pass it on.

(8/3/22: Please note that the original video was removed, so I’m substituted this.)

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Thank you to the always thought-provoking T.V. Raj for posting this video. I am a firm believer in saying thank you and sending thank you notes. To me it is especially important to thank people who are often overlooked, like the person bagging my groceries. If people say thank you at all, they often say it to the cashier and not the bagger. This clip shows how meaningful it can be when you thank someone by name as well.


Myself By T.V. Antony Raj




Every day we come across people who serve us and make us feel happy with their service.

Unfortunately, none of us seems to know their names. Have you ever thought of knowing their name? Have you ever thought of thanking them using their name instead of just saying, “Thank you boss“, “Thank you sis“, “Thank you bro“, and so on?

A Coca-Cola ad released in the Philippines addresses this issue. This ad serves to remind us to thank those who serve us every day by using their real name. Their name on your lips will encourage them to serve us better.

Why not we put into practice this advice from Coca-Cola from now on and see the happiness on their face?



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There is a meeting room where I work in which its Miami Vice color scheme, fuzzy lighting, and muffled acoustics combine to create an overpowering snooze-inducing effect. When I sit down in this room, I soon find myself squinting and taking shallow, hamster-like breaths as a wave of sleepiness froths over me. It doesn’t matter how exciting the subject matter is, and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the seating, I just can’t seem to stay fully alert in that room.

Discussing this with a coworker led to the mention of the infectious international phenomenon known as head dancing. This is when you become drowsy and your head decides to– whappeesh– snap back and forth in an effort to wake you up. It can happen in the most embarrassing places– church, work, school, while in a car, even during tightrope walking– but I must wonder why anyone is embarrassed by it when everyone, naturally, does it. (more…)

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