Smoke On The Water

Driving home from a friend’s house late the weekend before, I had to stop to get photos of a toasted cheddar moon and blazing red telluric Mars just above it. Little did I know that, courtesy of the fires raging in Washington, Oregon, and California, we soon wouldn’t be able to see the sky for […]

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Sleepy Hollow Fire Aid

Not again. Residents of central Washington are still picking up the pieces from the Carlton Complex Fires less than a year ago and since Sunday Wenatchee, Washington has been in flames. Last I heard, 4000 acres were on fire or had been burned, two fruit packing plants had been destroyed, and 28 houses– primary residences, […]

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Carlton Complex Video

A Pateros homeowner sent me this video, which illustrates just how devastating the Carlton Complex Fires of last summer were. People in that area are still struggling with homelessness and to meet their everyday needs. The effort to assist survivors is ongoing– please visit the Carlton Complex Recovery site to learn more. Note the fire […]

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