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Yesterday at the Wallingford Chevron…

But two blocks west at this place…

There are zombies!

Southwest, at the Fremont Vintage Mall, I found it ironic that the second faux patent poster I turned to was for… toilet paper. Toilet paper is a hot commodity in the Puget Sound area due to panic buying.

When I found t.p. at Bartell Drugs, I told the cashier that I was surprised to have made it to the cash register without being mugged. I realized I’d tucked it under my arm and approached the front like a linebacker.

Given that it was Pi Day (thank you to the Archie McPhee employee at the counter proudly wearing a Pi t-shirt), I had to go enjoy part of this pie…

…with this guy. He looked so regal on this stormy day as the boats bobbed in the marina that some special effects were in order.

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Archie McPhee

Today while running errands in Seattle, I decided to visit the Archie McPhee store at its new location in Wallingford. They moved to 45th and Stone Way from Ballard in mid-2009.

I dooon’t liiikkkeee being in Seattle for long. There’s only a few places I ever go to in Seattle on purpose. I can’t stand the traffic, the crowdedness, the busyness, the lack of parking, and a number of other things. Unless I’m going there for a concert, special event, or particular store, I avoid it.

But Archie McPhee is one of those places you have to visit at least once as you can never leave there in a bad mood. Today I decided that some “silly therapy” would be a good thing, so I made my once a year or so trip to the Kingdom of Kitsch.


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