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Having to cancel some other plans for today turned into a blessing– I was able to attend the 64th Annual Veterans Day Memorial Celebration at Evergreen Washelli’s Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery.

Evergreen Washelli and their volunteers did an amazing job hosting this event. For starters, there were employees in maze of roadways directing parking. It could have been chaos without them. As I met up with some people close to the staging area, total strangers were chatting with one another and offering to help each other out. (more…)

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The City of Auburn, Washington holds an annual Veterans Day parade that is one of the largest in the United States.

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending this annual gala. It was fantastic to be with other people who, in spite of our strong opinions on whether or not American military personnel should fight in foreign conflicts, were there to thank our veterans for putting their lives on the line so we can be free. (more…)

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