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Sometimes the inner monologue escapes like a rabid monkey out of a zoo cage.

This is what I tell people who look at me quizzically when I’m expounding on a subject I’m excited about. As Spiderman said, this is my gift, this is my curse. Sometimes, in conversation, my mouth is running at a sprint while my mind is a few miles back like a dazed jogger saying, “hey, wait up– and where on this green earth are you going, anyway?!”

I compare these mind-mouth disconnects to highway hypnosis, which is when you suddenly, and sickeningly, realize that you don’t remember driving the last 39 miles even though you’re holding the steering wheel of a one-ton vehicle. This can also happen when you read books; you may slip into a trance-like state, watching the words drift by like passing seagulls, and then–shazam– you don’t remember chapters three through 12. (more…)

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